Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fire gathering from the 8/9/06

Hello all,
After long time we made it, and that was just the beginning. At the 8/9/06 we met at the drum beach in Tel Aviv to light the night up. We were in between 30 to 40 "fire people"(hope to see more of you next time), lighting the fire all at the same time. The energy in the air was amazing and the smiles and happiness were all over.
I still need to get photos and video and we'll open a site to put them all up. Some of the photos I got I put here to show you all how was it. This is the time to thank the photographers, Zohar Rabba, Oren Gutman, Asaf Inbar and Itzhak Inbar. Also of course, thanks to all the fire people that came from all over and made this night. Last but not less, thanks to all the drummers that helped to create the wonderful atmosphere.
See you all at the second gathering at Friday the 13 (13/10/06).
Be good,
Gal gal esh.



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